Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for creative volunteers to help BFF raise money! Volunteers can choose their own level of involvement from helping to gather raffle prize donations, securing event space, getting new sponsors, or throwing your own event with friends! We will meet every couple of months or as needed for big events and we are always available to support and hear your ideas!

  • Special Events: Volunteer responsibilities will vary per event. We will look to put on many events as we grow, adopt out dogs and become even more involved in the rescue community.

  • Grant Writing: Volunteers can seek out grants and either write them, seek advice or recommend them to fundraising chair.

  • Raffle/Auction/Prizes: Volunteers will find different goods and services to be donated as prizes.

  • Bar Events: By far, the easiest and fastest way to raise a buck or two. Either send suggestions for your favorite place or feel to set up and let us know about it!

  • Hosting parties such as jewelry, handbag, etc.

  • Donation boxes: Set up boxes in coffee shops, local retailers, etc and collect donations

  • Open to all suggestions…please don’t hold any ideas back!


By fostering, you can save two lives at once: you open up your home temporarily to a dog and free up a space in the shelter where that dog came from. Foster families are asked to care for their foster dog as if the dog were their own. They make sure the dog’s basic needs are met and also are encouraged to help with the dog’s basic training and socialization. Foster families may occasionally be asked to help transport their foster dogs to/from adoption events and vet appointments, but Be Fido’s Friend will provide foster families with all the necessary supplies (e.g. food, leash, collar, harness, ID tag, crate), will offer moral support, and will pay for the dog’s vet expenses. In addition, BFF will make sure foster dogs are adopted into wonderful, loving homes. That way, foster families know that when they say goodbye to their foster dogs, they are sending them off to a great new life. 

  • We need foster homes for periods of 10-14 days for our newcomers to assure they are healthy before mingling in a daycare environment.

  • Oftentimes dogs are rescued with special needs or medical issues. Loving foster homes will be needed to care for those recovering from surgery or who need extra medication and attention.

  • Long term foster care: if fostering is right for you, this can be the most rewarding experience of your life. Should you find through fostering you find the special dog that you would like to adopt, your application will be considered first for adoption. 


Many people like the idea of volunteering for a shelter by dealing directly with the animals. If you cannot foster, BFF has some great opportunities for you to interact with our adoptable dogs. As fun as it sounds, there is a little work involved and these opportunities are to be taken seriously to ensure safety of both you and the dogs. 

  • Transporting: On occasion BFF will need help transporting our adoptables to the vet for treatments. There may be a need to accompany a dog to an adoption or fundraising event.

  • Handling: At BFF events every adoptable BFF dog will need a handler. When at an event it is imperative that the handler have control and pay attention to the whereabouts and behavior of the animal they are handling.

  • Can't foster, but could keep a dog for a week or weekend while a foster parent goes on vacation...we need you too!  Let us know if you could provide a place for an adoptable to hang out while its foster parent refreshes!


Join BFF behind the scenes!  Be a part of the fun and spread the word about Be Fido’s Friend!  Please join Be Fido’s Friend and make a difference today!

  • Social Media - Updating Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram with BFF’s adoptable dogs, events, information and Alumni!

  • Volunteer From Home - Write Thank You notes, Follow up with Alumni, Keep paperwork well organized, Write for the adoption Pages or Newsletter! 


If you have any other ideas on how you may be able to help, please contact us at info@befidosfriend.org!