Cody is a happy little male Shih Tzu mix who gets along well with other dogs and people.


CJ-Adoption Pending

Hi Everyone, I’m Colby Jack aka CJ, a 2 year old, male, border collie mix weighing 40 lbs. No need to adjust your monitors. It’s really true. I am THAT handsome! (And oh yeah, I’m a tripod. But that’s a minor detail.) I am a really awesome dog who is looking forward to all the pawsibilibities the future holds for me. My preferences are not too complicated, but will help make for a happy home for me and my forever family. I’d love a home with a fenced in yard and no young children. I’m cool with other cool dogs and cats, but I wouldn’t be a great match for a home with a dominant dog or an intact dog. I’m crate trained and content chilling out by your side indoors, but I’m ready to GO when we are outside. So who is ready? Who wants to take me home?



Elliot is a handsome poodle mix who is estimated to be about 2 years old. He currently is in foster home with a large dog and two cats and has been doing well in those surroundings. He found a cuddle buddy in the cat and loves to play and run with dogs his size however larger dogs make him more uncomfortable. Elliot’s past is unknown to us but he is working on his confidence building in foster. He is housebroken and nondestructive. He is a real doll with a funny personality and loves his human companion especially if he can cuddle close. Obedient and smart Elliot is a real catch and will shine with patience and guidance.



Hi. I'm Jordan. I'm a 7 year old, male, chihuahua mix. My short stack of pancakes physique might indicate that mix is Corgi, which means I'm practically royalty, but not as dramatic. I'm housebroken, trustworthy and quiet when left alone, and I love to go for walks and lucky for you, I'm quite the gentleman on leash. When I'm not snuggling with my foster mom, I can be found curled up in my soft dog bed. I'm as cool as the underside of a pillow when it comes to other dogs and I get along just fine with or without them. I'm not a big fan of being picked up unnecessarily which I don't think is a huge deal as I get myself to where I need to go. Hooray for legs, even short ones like mine! I am probably best suited for a home without little kids or needy adults. I am not a velcro dog or a pushover. I really admire a dog that loves and trusts everyone at first sight. I, however, want some time to get to know you before I give my heart away. If you give me that time, I promise I'll be poking you with my nose for more pets and treats before too long and then we'll have a good laugh as you tell and retell the story of bringing me home.



Lobo is about 6 years old, 18 pound, male Shih Tzu mix. This boy is great with dogs, kids, has not been tested with cats, and loves to go for walks. He also likes his squeaky toys and snuggles like a pro. He sleeps through the night in his own bed and is crated during the day, but only because he currently lives with two divas that would be mean to him when no one is looking. Lobo does have dry eye which we are treating with medicated drops. He takes these just fine and lets you clean out his eyes also. This will be a daily and life-long issue for him, but he is so worth some eye-boogie upkeep that we know his perfect family will just accept this part of him.



Pixie is a 7 lb female Pomeranian approximately 4 years old who is looking for a home who will love her unconditionally. We pulled Pixie from the city shelter almost 3 years ago where she was fostered and adopted by her mom who recently passed away. We brought Pixie back into BFF and have gotten to know her again and feel she is ready to be permanently rehomed now. Pixie has some anxiety issues but is a very sweet, well behaved and loving dog. She is housebroken and knows basic commands. Her anxiety shows in some nervous pacing when excited but has gotten better in a consistent foster home. She would do best with one person who spends a lot of time with her. Her biggest negative is that she is a barker when hearing noises. She startles easily and will bark at some outside noise or if another person in the home walks into the room. She idolizes her companion and loves to play and take walks and run in the yard. Want to just hang out and watch TV, Pixie will join you for as long as you want. Even those she barks at, once they are seated, Pixie will love, encourages pets and wants their attention. They startle her when they move, hence she barks so we think a single person is probably the best choice for all. Pixie is dog friendly, but cats are unknown. She will make someone a fantastic life companion as she is loyal and extremely loving.



This handsome dude is approximately 5 years old, 13 pounds and is so sweet you might get a cavity. He loves other dogs and snuggling with his people. Trevor will make a good addition to just about any family!


Your new family member is waiting.